Sustainable Cattle Productive Systems Scientific Posters

Health and production benefits in veal calves born from NCD and BRD vaccinated cows

M.Chanteperdrix, B.Mounaix, M.Guiadeur, C.Martineau, S.Assié, S.Masselin, C.Le Nouvel, F.Leboeuf, G.Vertenten, T.Jozan

There is a clear health and production benefit when veal calves receive adequate colostrum from cows that were vaccinated against Bovine Respiratory Disease and Neonatal Calf Diarrhea.

BRD vaccination strongly reduces the use of antibiotics in Dutch dairy calves

G.Wille, H.Kuijk, G.Vertenten

This study clearly demonstrates the potential of vaccination with a multivalent inactivated BRD vaccine (Bovilis® Bovipast® RSP) to reduce the antibiotic use in dairy young stock.