Small Ruminants Scientific Posters

Comparison of pregnancy rate of two intravaginal synchronization devices under anoestrus conditions in a commercial meat sheep farm. 

González J; Bartolomé C; Elvira L; Blasco JL; Ruiz-Mantecon A3 Gutiérrez J.

Intravaginal prostagen devices achieved very good fertility results under seasonal anestrus period in beef ewes. Moreover, synchronization with CHG tended to be significantly better (p <0.10) than CIDR, at overall level, with consistent results in the different mating batches.

Vaccination against ovine footrot in lactating ewes has only a transient effect on milk production

Gaëlle Porcheron, Frédéric Leboeuf, Raphaël Jaquet, Guillaume Vautrain, Julien Visse, Geert Vertenten

Vaccination against ovine footrot (Footvax®, MSD Animal
Health) in lactating ewes was associated with transient
milk drop which was very moderate compared to potential
footrot related negative consequences such as economic
impact, extra antimicrobial use and extra labour.

The impact of veterinarian-farmer engagement on sheep lameness: a clinical impressions study 

Alexandra Ashworth, Rebecca Cole, Hannah Mckerrow, Bridget Girvan, Liz Cresswell

Significant gains can be made in a short period of time with concentrated focus between vet and farmer on lameness in sheep flocks using Five Point Lameness Control Plan.

Vaccinating pregnant ewes with an iron regulated protein (IRP) vaccine could be a suitable strategy to control ovine respiratory complex

J.Gutiérrez, F.Hernández, A.Tirado, J.Blasco, G.Vertenten, L.Fraile, L.Elvira 

Ewe vaccination during pregnancy could be a promising strategy to protect the lambs against respiratory diseases during their first weeks of life, before they can be protected through their own vaccination.