Immunology & Vaccine Scientific Posters

UK study: comparing antibody quantities in commercial calf scour pastes vs. the same volume of colostrum from cows vaccinated with a commercial calf scour vaccine

K.Baxter-Smith, R.Simpson, G.Vertenten

This study illustrates that calf scour pastes are not a suitable substitute for good colostrum management and dam vaccination in preventing calf scour.

Stability of an inactivated Rotavirus-Coronavirus-E.coli combination vaccine until at least 28 days after first opening and storage at +2 – +8°C

B.Makoschey, I.Inhülsen, G.Vertenten

The inactivated Rotavirus – Coronavirus – E. coli K99 (K99) combination Bovilis® Rotavec Corona is stable for at least 28 days after first opening if stored at +2 – +8 °C and protected from light.

Field efficacy trials with a new intranasal BRD vaccine

B.Makoschey, P.Nuijten, B.Sander, E.Zschiesche, G.Vertenten

Bovilis® INtranasal RSP® Live is the first EU-licensed intranasal BRD vaccine for which efficacy including reduction of clinical signs has been proven in a field trial.

Bivalent and polyvalent clostridial vaccines induce a similar serological response against C and D botulinic toxoids in cattle

V.Curci, A.Borsanelli, J.Drumond, I.Dutra, G.Vertenten

The use of a polyvalent clostridial vaccine containing C and D botulinic toxoids, in addition to other clostridial antigens, offers an equal or better protection than a bivalent vaccine containing C and D botulinic toxins only. Therefore, the polyvalent vaccine provides a broader protection. This is important for production systems with potential exposure to botulism and other clostridial pathogens.

Disease Protection and Immunogenicity of Two Commercial Intranasal Vaccines Evaluated with a BHV-1 Challenge of Weaned Beef Calves

Michael Bolton, Philip Griebel, Kevin Hill, Scott Nordstrom, Geert Vertenten.

Primary vaccination with Bovilis® Nasalgen® IP resulted in a more rapid onset of reduction in virus shedding compared to primary vaccination with Inf3. Primary Nasalgen® IP vaccination resulted in a significant reduction in the number of days virus was shed but primary Inf3 vaccination did not. Boostered Nasalgen® IP group was the only group to have a measurable serum IgG response.

ELISA antibodies against Bovine Rotavirus, Coronavirus and enterotoxigenic E. coli in serum from cows and calves as indicator for the protective status against Neonatal Calf Diarrhea.

Geert Vertenten, Pleun Penterman, Geeske Veerbeek-Van Der Veen

Measuring ELISA antibodies against Bovine Coronavirus, Rotavirus and enterotoxigenic E. coli in serum from cows and calves provides information on the possible benefits of vaccinating the cows to improve the protection against NCD in the herd.

Characterization of F5(K99) and F41 fimbria present on E. coli used in a multivalent cattle vaccine and its associated immunological responses in pregnant cows

G.Mommen, R.Niessen, D.Schroer, M.Van Roosmalen, B.Makoschey

Purified cell free E. coli antigen in the multivalent enteric vaccine (Bovilis® Rotavec® Corona, MSD Animal Health) expresses both E. coli F5(K99) and F41 fimbriae. The ratio of both fimbriae was found constant in different antigen batches. After immunization of pregnant cows, a strong antibody response against both F5 and F41 is measured in the serum and colostrum of vaccinated animals.

Influence of vaccination on the seroconversion of 2 major respiratory pathogens in German beef rearing farms

E.Thesing, G.Vertenten

Vaccination with a trivalent inactivated BRSV Parainfluenza-3-Mannheimia haemolytica vaccine (Bovilis® Bovipast® RSP) leads to a clear humoral response during a field infection with Mannheimia haemolytica in German beef calf rearing farms.

Vaccination against Salmonellosis in veal farms in the Netherlands is an effective prevention method to reduce the use of antimicrobials

N.Geurts, H.Kuijk, G.Vertenten

Vaccination against Salmonellosis with an inactivated vaccine is beneficial in Dutch veal conditions as there is less mortality and a strong reduction in antimicrobial use.

A field study evaluating humoral immune response in calves vaccinated with two multivalent respiratory vaccines

A.Berge, T.Jozan, C.Levesque, G.Vertenten

Early vaccination of calves with the multivalent adjuvanted inactivated BRD vaccine Bovilis® Bovipast® RSP can elicit a humoral response with a memory effect against BRSV up to 9 months after primo vaccination.

Efficacy of prepartum vaccination against neonatal calf diarrhea in Nelore cattle

F.Pinheiro, N.Decaris, V.Parreño, P.Brandão, H.Ayres, V.Gomes, G.Vertenten 

Prepartum vaccination with a single dose of the vaccine tested increased the titers of IgG1 Ab against BCoV and BoRVA resulting in a significant decrease of NCD occurrence in Nelore calves.