Epidemiology Scientific Posters

A Field Study to Determine Antibody Titers of BRD Pathogens on Dutch Dairy Farms without BRD Problems.

H.Kuijk, H.Swam, P.Penterman, G.Vertenten

The active circulation of Mh, BRSV and PI3 pathogens and
the frequent absence or low seroconversion to Mb on farms free from clinical BRD, support vaccination against Mh, PI3 and BRSV as a comprehensive strategy to minimize the risk of future BRD outbreaks.

Salmonella diagnostic testing and serotyping in Southern Australian dairy herds

D.O’brien, G.Vertenten

In this study a number of different Salmonella serotypes and serogroups were identified, but the majority were very closely matched to the two Australian Salmonella cattle vaccines.

Calf-level risk factors for neonatal diarrhoea in Belgian Blue beef calves

M.Lebrun, G.Hoflack, C.Demblon, G.Vertenten, B.Sustronck

Low birth weight, use of colostrum replacers, colostrum
feeding > 2h after birth, being born in autumn & winter and
serum IgG concentration < 10g/L significantly increased the
risk of neonatal diarrhoea in Belgian Blue calves.